Black at


The podcast where we all go to the stairwell to scream. 


Fuck You Letter: Anonymous " f-you" to someone at work annoying the sh*t out of you

The Water Cooler: Discussion on pop culture, news and current events

Down to Business: Discussion with hosts and show guest(s) about the week's show topic

The Break Room: discussion on new music, movies and TV shows


About the Show

The idea for Black at Work was birthed in 2018 when Dana got offended by a white co-worker’s comments at a new job and was frustrated that she didn’t have anyone to talk to about it. After discovering that another Black colleague had a similar issue with the same white co-worker, Dana decided to create a sound-off space where Black people can share their experiences–good, bad and funny while working.
Dana & Annessa are two hilarious corporate women who are over it! Listen weekly as they share their experiences, along with guests to share experiences as well. 
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